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ohio residential property disclosure form 2021

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STATE OF OHIO DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE RESIDENTIAL PROPERTY DISCLOSURE FORM Purpose of Disclosure Form This is a statement of certain conditions and information concerning the property actually known by the owner. The statements are not for purchasers in any subsequent transfers. The information contained in this disclosure form does not limit the obligation of the owner to disclose an item of information that is required by any other statute or law to be disclosed in the transfer of...
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You the lead based paint disclosure is required by HUD and must be included in your listing and sales documents for all homes built prior to nineteen seventy-eight this includes homes that have undergone extensive renovation that were built prior to nineteen seventy-eight in advance of this form being filled out by your client provide buyers a copy with the HUD brochure protect your family from lead-based paint hazards in your home which can be found online in PDF form at HUD gov the first step is to write the property address at the top of the form if this is your listing the seller must complete the sellers' disclosure section at the top choosing one option under a and one option under B if you are representing a buyer they must complete the buyers' acknowledgement section by initialing a and B they must also elect whether they will waive or reserve the right to attend a risk assessment to learn of potential lead-based paint hazards in the home this must be consistent with what they select in the inspection contingency portion on the offer to purchase if you are the listing agent you must initial under agent acknowledgement that you have advised the seller of their obligation to comply with disclosure laws finally you as the agent must sign the bottom of the form along with your clients if this is a listing you must make this form available prior to interested buyers making an offer by posting it on the MLS or leaving copies in the home if you represent the buyer be sure you have provided them with to protect your family brochure either in booklet form or a digital file make sure you have them execute the lead based paint disclosure prior to entering into the offer to purchase the Ohio residential property disclosure form is five pages and all five are required for your file four pages require initials and date at the bottom and the fifth requires signature and date on behalf of your seller client it is important to note that you are not able to help or coach the client in how to complete the form actually it's best completed when you are touring the house, so you're not even in the same room when they complete it their instructions are on the bottom of page one and are very clear read them over with them and then allow them to complete the form independently make this form available online in the MLS or leave copies at the home, so it can be reviewed well in advance of a prospective buyer entering into an offer to purchase
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